Information Technology Job Functions

Infrastructure Support Provides support for 4000 ports, network infrastructure, wiring closets, cabling, UPS, generator, server racks, firewall, virus prevention, spam, Internet, and LACOE connection. Works with establishing campus computer standards, wireless connectivity, PeopleSoft security, and construction design and support for IT related areas. Works with maintenance contracts & vendors for desktop, environmental, and cabling issues.
Development Support Provides analysis, design, testing, development, and troubleshooting for PeopleSoft HR, SA, and Portal. Meets reporting requirements for 320, MIS, audits, and many more areas. Writes conversions, interfaces, bolt-on applications, and modifies delivered PeopleSoft.
PeopleSoft Support Provides database administration support for all PeopleSoft products including hardware, software, tools, patches & fixes, program migrations, troubleshooting, backup, and security for HR, SA, and Portal.
Copy Services Completes copy requests (approx. 2 million/month) and provides finishing services for the entire campus. Produces the board book, faculty handbook, classified agreement, phone directory, and course packets for the bookstore. Walk-up service for small jobs is provided as well as printing exams, course outlines, class handouts, brochures, and publicity flyers. Color copy service is available.
User Support Provides hardware and software support for 2000 desktop computers, notebooks, Macintosh computers, and all other devices (copy machines, printers, scanners, PDA's, cameras, & environmental systems). Maintains email, virus protection, network connectivity, application installation, and performs all upgrades. Creates base images for campus. Helpdesk assistance, tracking, and job ticket distribution is performed.
Operations Services Performs and monitors all nightly jobs. Prints and distributes reports. Runs and processes faculty evaluations.
Audio/ Video Services Provides hardware and software support for over 175 smart classrooms and related equipment.
Substitute Hourly Staff Assists User Support staff by responding and resolving helpdesk tickets. Supports Copy Services and Operations when necessary.
Consulting Staff Provides technical guidance for our PeopleSoft implementation project. Works on conversion projects as assigned. Most assistance is given to development staff to help us understand delivered PeopleSoft. Helps functional consulting staff to document analysis and gives estimates for programming projects.

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